I’m a photographer & designer based in TLV.

My experiences with different disciplines of design contribute to my photography perspective.

My focus on geometry, light, and the way

I express my take on them allows me to create new spaces within already familiar spaces.


“I’m never inspired. I’m obsessed.” (Ed Moses)

This quote resonates with me, and it describes my approach to my work. Once I see something that interests me, I become obsessed with it, and I’ll search for it everywhere, study it, and research it.


I do fashion, Instagram content,

architecture/interior design & portraits. 


Fresh Paint Fair 11 / Artists' Greenhouse / Israel / May 2019

LaCulture Dessert Edition / Israel / April 2019

Co-creator of InTransition exhibition, a fundraising art installation benefitting the transgender community in Israel / December 2018


© by Naama Segal